The Source of Innovation.FREE New ACT Sample Essay Prompts

The Source of Innovation.FREE New ACT Sample Essay Prompts

The ACT recently reworked its essay, but have released not many example that is official topics. You can download the 2 examples the folks that are ACT released here:

as well as the end for the sample test here (pg 54-55):

You prepare: if you’re looking for a bit more practice, SupertutorTV has developed two more prompts to help

Oftentimes our society praises individuals as the forces responsible for our greatest achievements. Whether it’s the CEO of a top corporation from the front page of a magazine or a civil rights activist of a past decade along with her face on a postage stamp, these individuals often receive significant amounts of commendation. But is this praise warranted? Not only are other individuals often associated with great innovative endeavors, but large sets of people also serve to create improvement in our society. Research institutes, global corporations, and grass roots organizations also stimulate innovation. Does the best innovation come from amazing individuals or from great organizations? Does our society place a lot of focus on the person and neglect to recognize the role that everybody plays in innovative progress?

Read and carefully examine these perspectives. Each suggests a particular thought processes regarding how innovations develop.

The truly amazing minds of people are responsible for several of society’s greatest innovations. Without exceptional individuals, quite a few human achievements that are greatest wouldn’t normally exist.

No one innovates in vacuum pressure. Individuals by nature must depend on the extensive research, thoughts, and discoveries of others so as to make progress.

Sets of people working together lead to greater innovation and change. (more…)

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